Quantum metrology and its applications

Speaker:   Zhang-qi Yin    Beijing Institute of Technology

Time:   09:30-10:30, Jun. 02, 2023

Venue:   JCY-1

Tencent:   494 8360 9451(PW: 2023)



Quantum metrology, or quantum precision measurement, is the study of realizing highly sensitive measurement of physical parameters using quantum technology. In this talk, I will introduce the general framwork of quantum metrology, which can be devided into two different types. The first one does not use quantum entanglement or coherence, but the second one uses quantum resources such as entanglement, coherence, etc. Then we discuss the standard quantum limit of measurement, and how to suppress the standard limit to approach the Heisenberg limit by using quantum entanglement. Finally, I will discuss several applications of quantum metrology, such as bio-quantum sensing, inertial quantum navigation, gavitational wave detection, etc.



[YMSC-BIMSA Quantum Information Seminar]