Structuring the structures of nonlinear localized waves in optical and matter-wave media


The creation and manipulation of nonlinear localized waves including various types of solitons are among the paramount and advanced research field in nonlinear physics that generally includes three interdisciplinary directions: chaos, solitons and fractals. Particularly, instead of launching the critical collapses in two dimensional self-focusing systems and 3D supercritical one, novel linear periodic structures in the forms of moiré optical/photonic lattices and nanoscale lattices are nowadays widely introduced to the stabilization of various structures of nonlinear localized waves like fundamental solitons, gap solitons and vortices, etc. Competing nonlinearity and the combination of quantum optics and nonlinear effects (leading to the formation of quantum nonlinear optics) have also recently been introduced to create robust nonlinear localized waves. This speech would deliver the recent progresses of nonlinear localized waves made by his group and beyond.


Speaker Intro

曾健华,男,研究员,中国科学院西安光学精密机械研究所瞬态光学与光子技术国家重点实验室、中国科学院大学博导,西安光机所青促会小组-冷原子精密测量创新交叉团队负责人,主持国家基金委面上项目和中科院“西部之光” 西部青年学者项目(优秀)、参与国家基金委重大项目子课题。从事“非线性物理与非线性光子学”理论研究,研究领域涉及非线性光学、超快光学、量子光学、超冷原子物理、高效数值计算方法等。近5年培养博士5名,带领博士和硕士研究生以及团队青年访问学者,以唯一通信作者发表学术论文26篇,含Advanced Photonics (Research), Advanced Theory and Simulations, Chaos、 Solitons & Fractals, Communications Physics, iScience, Nanophotonics, Photonics Research, Physical Review A, Optics Letters等期刊。