Quotient branching law for p-adic (GL(n+1), GL(n))

Speaker:  Kei Yuen Chan

Date:    2022.12.06

Time:    14:00-15:00

Zoom:  293 812 9202     Passcode: BIMSA

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Branching law for classical groups over local fields is a main theme in the Gan-Gross-Prasad problems. Gan-Gross-Prasad (2020) introduces a notion of relevant pairs in determining the quotient branching law for Arthur type representations. In this talk, I shall first briefly review their definitions. Then from representation-theoretic viewpoint, I will explain a generalization governing the branching law for all irreducible representations of p-adic general linear groups, and provide various examples for such generalization. Along the way, we also determine all the simple quotients of Bernstein-Zelevinsky derivatives of irreducible representations. 


[Automorphic Theory Seminar]