Local theta correspondence via C*-agebras of groups

Speaker:  Haluk Sengun

Date:    2022.11.28

Time:    19:00-20:30

Venue: BIMSA 1110

Zoom:  293 812 9202     Passcode: BIMSA




Local theta correspondence sets up a bijection between certain sets of admissible irreps of a pair of reductive groups G,H which sit as each others' centralizers in a larger symplectic group. The local correspondences then bundle up to set up a bijection between certain sets of automorphic representations of G and H. As a result, local theta correspondence is of importance in both representation theory and in the theory of automorphic forms.
In joint work with Bram Mesland (Leiden), we have used Rieffel's theory of induction for representations of C*-algebras to prove that in many cases, local theta lifting is functorial and is continuous with respect to weak containment. In the talk, I will explain our approach and time permitting, will discuss further applications. Some of the results I will discuss can be found in the preprint arXiv:2207.13484.



[Automorphic Theory Seminar]