Recent progress in mtDNA project

Speaker:    Mengcen Guan

Time:    21:30-22:00     2022/11/16

Tencent Meeting: 801 3489 7723



In this seminar, I will report my recent progress in mtDNA project of origin of human. I detect the mutation features of 15 genes of human mtDNA such as ND1, ND2, ND3, COX1. Because the mtDNA of Neanderthal also includes these 15 genes. I compared 2158 sequences with Neanderthal sequences and common refSeq on these genes to do local analysis. Besides, the Phylogenetic tree of 2158 sequences and other human relative constructed by MAFFT is not our expected result. I will discuss this in this seminar.



[Seminar on Bioinformatics]