Application of multi-commodity flows to holographic quantum entanglement

Speaker:    Yiyu Lin

Time:    15:30-17:00    2022/11/14

Venue:  BIMSA 1129B

Zoom:    537 192 5549 (PW: BIMSA)



Many concepts from quantum information theory and network theory have proved useful in the study of holographic duality or emergent gravity. This talk will focus on a simple application of the concepts of conditional mutual information (CMI) from quantum information theory and multi-commodity flow (multiflow) from network theory in this regard. In fact, the embodiment of this application is the bit-thread formulation of the Ryu-Takayanagi formula of holographic entanglement entropy. This talk aims to present a "thread" perspective, which is complementary to the "local tensor" perspective in the holographic tensor network models, to investigate the structure of quantum entanglement in holographic duality.


[BIMSA Topology Seminar]