On $G$-isoshtukas over function fields.


Title: On $G$-isoshtukas over function fields.

Speaker: Wansu Kim

Time:  15:00-16:00 Beijing time, Oct 25, 2022

Zoom ID: 293 812 9202 Passcode: BIMSA



Let $F$ be a global function field, and let $G$ be a connected reductive group over $F$. In this talk, we will introduce the notion of $G$-isoshtukas, and discuss a classification result analogous to Kottwitz' classification of local and global $B(G)$. If $G=\GL_n$ then $\GL_n$-isoshtukas are nothing but $\varphi$-spaces of rank $n$ (which naturally arise as an isogeny class of rank-$n$ Drinfeld shtukas), and our classification result for $\GL_n$-isoshtukas can be read off from Drinfeld’s classification of $\varphi$-spaces. This is a joint work with Paul Hamacher.


BIMSA-YMSC Tsinghua Number Theory Seminar