[BIMSA-Tsinghua Quantum Symmetry Seminar] Twisted/untwisted correspondence in permutation orbifold conformal field theory


Speaker:  Bin Gui

Time:     14:00-15:30

Date:       2022/06/29

Venue:     1120

Zoom: 638 227 8222    Passcode: BIMSA



Roughly speaking, an orbifold CFT is a CFT with a (finite) automorphism group G acting on a vertex operator algebra (VOA) or a conformal net. The representation theory of orbifold CFTs focuses on the VOA modules “twisted” by elements of G, as well as the conformal blocks associated to these twisted modules. In general, twisted theories contain more information than the untwisted ones. But in the case that G is the symmetric group $S_n$ (or its finite subgroup) acting by permutation on the tensor product $V^{\otimes n}$ of n identical VOAs $V$, the twisted modules and their conformal blocks can be constructed from the untwisted ones, and vice versa in some cases. In this talk, I will explain this “permutation-twisted/untwisted correspondence” in the VOA context. 

Reference: arXiv:2111.04662