[Geometry and Physics Seminar] TTbar and holography


Speaker: Wei Song

Date: 2022/06/16

Time: 16:30-17:30

Venue: 1129B

Zoom: 361 038 6975    Passcode: BIMSA



(The double trace version of) TTbar deformation is a solvable irrelevant deformation of conformal field theories, the spectrum of which is determined by the undeformed theory and the deformation parameter. 
It has been proposed that for one particular choice of the sign of the deformation parameter, TTbar deformation is holographical dual to AdS$3$ gravity with a finite cutoff. 
In this talk, I will describe a proposal of the holographic dual to (the double-trace) TTbar deformation with the other choice of the sign of the deformation parameter. 

By applying the TTbar deformation to the seed theory of a symmetric product CFT, we can construct the so-called single trace version of TTbar deformation, which can be used to build a toy model of holographic duality beyond AdS/CFT in string theory, with the bulk metric interpolating BTZ black holes in the IR and linear dilaton background in the UV.
We will show that this new string background can be obtained by TsT transformations( T-duality, shift, and T-duality). As supporting evidence, we find a matching of the deformed spectrum, the thermodynamics, and a critical value of the deformation parameter.
Similarly,  TsT transformations can also be used to generate the holographic dual for the single trace version of JTbar, and TTbar+JTbar+TJbar deformations.