BIMSA-YMSC Tsinghua Number Theory Seminar

This is a research seminar on topics related to number theory and its applications which broadly can include related areas of interests such as analytic and algebraic number theory, algebra, combinatorics, algebraic and arithmetic geometry, cryptography, representation theory etc. The speakers are also encouraged to make their talk more accessible for graduate level students.


Meeting Time & Day

16:00 - 17:00, Monday






Hansheng Diao, Yueke Hu, Emmanuel Lecouturier, Cezar Lupu



Room: Jin Chun Yuan West Building, 1st floor Seminar Room (近春园西楼一楼第一报告厅)

ZOOM: 4552601552 (PW: YMSC)

(Location & Time can change depending on the speaker's availability)



Date Speaker Title
Jun 05, 2023 Andreas Bode Holonomic D-modules on rigid analytic spaces
May 22, 2023 Zhiyou Wu Categorical local Langlands
May 15, 2023 Miaofen Chen Harder-Narasimhan stratification in p-adic Hodge theory
May 08, 2023 Haining Wang Flach system on quaternionic Hilbert-Blumenthal surfaces and distinguished periods
Apr 24, 2023 Hao Fu Mazur's principle for GU(1,2)
Apr 17, 2023 Shanwen Wang Fontaine's conjecture for log p-divisible groups
Apr 10, 2023 Xu Shen Splitting models and Galois representations
Mar 27, 2023 Emmanuel Lecouturier On the Harris-Venkatesh conjecture for weight one forms.
Mar 13, 2023 Andrea Pulita Recent developments in the theory of p-adic differential equations
Feb 27, 2023 Sheng Mao Torsion theorem of the zero of a certain Kodaira-Spencer morphism over P^1 removing four points
Jan 17, 2023 Vesselin Dimitrov Arithmetic holonomy bounds and their applications
Jan 10, 2023 Steve Gonek Finite Euler products and the Riemann Hypothesis
Dec 13, 2022 Paul Nelson Bounds for standard L-functions
Dec 06, 2022 Dongsheng Wu A Hardy space characterization of the zero-free region of the Riemann zeta function
Nov 29, 2022 Qiao He A proof of Kudla-Rapoport conjecture for Kramer models at ramified primes
Nov 22, 2022 Dermot McCarthy Generalized Paley Graphs, Finite Field Hypergeometric Functions and Modular Forms
Nov 15, 2022 Zhizhong Huang Quantitative weak approximation of rational points on quadrics
Nov 08, 2022 Bella Tobin Equidistribution in Stochastic Dynamical Systems
Nov 01, 2022 Bin Zhao Slopes of modular form and ghost conjecture
Oct 25, 2022 Wansu Kim On $G$-isoshtukas over function fields
Oct 18, 2022 Vlad Matei Counting polynomials with a prescribed Galois group
Oct 11, 2022 Dinesh Thakur Multizeta for function fields
Sep 27, 2022 Siyan Daniel Li-Huerta The plectic conjecture over local fields
Sep 20, 2022 Ziquan Yang The Tate conjecture over finite fields for varietes with $h^{2, 0}=1$
Jul 12, 2022 Li Lai Elementary proofs of Zagier's formula for multiple zeta values and its odd variant
Jun 14, 2022 Tinhinane Amina Azzouz Spectrum of p-adic differential equations
May 26, 2022 Subhajit Jana Reciprocity, non-vanishing, and subconvexity of central L-values
Jan 7, 2022 Xavier Caruso Duals of linearized Reed-Solomon codes
Dec 15, 2021 Lazar Radicevic Explicit realization of elements of the Tate-Shafarevich group constructed from Kolyvagin classes
Nov 19, 2021 Jaclyn Lang A modular construction of unramified p-extensions of \Q(N^{1/p})
Oct 29, 2021 Yunqing Tang The unbounded denominators conjecture
Oct 22, 2021 Oscar Rivero Salgado Eisenstein congruences and Euler systems
Jul 14, 2020 Weijia Wang Modular regulator with Rogers-Zudilin method
Jul 2, 2020 Nanjun Yang Projective bundle theorem in MW-motives
Jul 2, 2020 Hao Zhang Elliptic cocycle for GLn(Z) and Hecke operators