[YMSC-BIMSA Quantum Information Seminar] Geometric and Holonomic Quantum Computation


Speaker:    Jiang Zhang

Organizer:    Zhengwei Liu (BIMSA)

Date:    2022.05.27  Fri.     

Time:    09:30-12:15

Zoom:    388 528 9728(PW: BIMSA



Geometric and holonomic quantum computation utilizes intrinsic geometric properties of quantum-mechanical state spaces to realize quantum logic gates. Since both geometric phases and quantum holonomies are global quantities depending only on the evolution paths of quantum systems, quantum gates based on them possess built-in resilience to certain kinds of errors. This talk provides an introduction to the topic as well as gives an overview of the theoretical and experimental progress for constructing geometric and holonomic quantum gates.


Speaker Intro:

Jiang Zhang is an assistant professor in the quantum algorithm group of Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS). He received his Ph.D degree from Shandong University in 2015. Then he worked at Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) and Tsinghua University as a postdoctoral fellow. Before joining BAQIS in 2020, he was an assistant professor at Pengcheng Laboratory (PCL) in Shenzhen. His research interests lie in holonomic quantum computation, dynamical decoupling, quantum error correction, and quantum algorithms.