[AMSS-YMSC-BIMSA Joint Seminar on Progress of Topology and Its Applications] Parametric toric topology of complex Grassmann manifolds


Speaker:    Victor Buchstaber

Time:    2022.04.28 Thu    17:00-18:30

Venue:  BIMSA 1110

Zoom:    388 528 9728 (PW: BIMSA)





Prof Victor Matveevich Buchstaber is a famous expert in algebraic topology, homotopy theory, and mathematical physics. He received his PhD in 1970 under the supervision of Sergei Novikov and Dr. Sci. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences in 1984 from Moscow State University. In 1974 he was an invited speaker in the International Congress of Mathematicians in Vancouver (Canada). He became a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences In 2006 . Now he is a principle researcher in the Department of Geometry and Topology of the Steklov Mathematical Institute. Prof Buchstaber is a leading expert of the new-born area of toric topology.