Pedagogical Lectures on N=2

Speaker: Hossein Yavartanoo

Time: 13:30-15:05, every Tuesday, Friday, 3/29/2022 - 6/17/2022

Venue: 1118

Zoom ID: 638 227 8222PasswordBIMSA


Field theories with N = 2 supersymmetry has been a fertile subject for theoretical physicists and mathematics for quite some time. Although it is not relevant for describing the real world,  having this amount of supersymmetry allows many exact computations. So this is very useful theoretical playground. In this lectures I will overview some basic aspects of N=2 theories in four and two dimensions and will discuss some recent developments in this area. 



Quantum Field Theory, String Theory and a basic knowledge of Geometry and Topology



1)Review of Supersymmetry 

2)Renormalization and Anomaly

3)Seiberg-Witten theory

4)N=2 from D=6

5)Higgs Branch at a glance

6)Gauge theories with flavors 

7)Gaiotto’s duality

8)Argyres–Douglas theories 

9)ASG duality

10)AGT correspondence 

11)N=2 D=2 

12)LG and Nonlinear sigma model



I am a theoretical high energy physicist and have been worked on various topics on quantum field theory, string theory, black hole physics and holographic principle.  The broad questions my research aims to address is: what are the building blocks of spacetime and matter? String theory provides a potential framework to answer these questions because it can unify quantum theory with gravity in a very natural way.  At present time, my main focus is studying quantum aspects of black holes.


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