Mathematical Problems of Additive Manufacturing and Bio-3D Printing


Speaker:Feng Lin

Organizer:Xiaoming Zhang

Time:15:00-15:45, March 30, 2022.

Venue:Meeting Room of Third Floor, Jinchunyuan




Additive manufacturing (3D printing), based on the principle of ‘discrete-stacking’, print the materials layer-by-layer to build a three-dimensional entity. It is a digital manufacturing technology in which the material stack of the physical part is directly driven by the digital three-dimensional model. Among them, the efficient expression and processing of complex three-dimensional structures (including biomimetic porous structures, large scare lattice structures, multilevel pore structures, inhomogeneous structures, etc.), compensation algorithms of spatial inhomogeneous anisotropic errors, online secondary electron images based sub-beam defect identification algorithms, as well as the multi-process and multi-parameter comprehensive optimization methods from material development to manufacturing process to performance characterization, all require the support of powerful mathematical tools.


Speaker Profile:


Feng Lin is a member of council of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, vice director of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing Institution, executive director of Special Processing Institution, executive committee of Bio-Manufacturing Engineering Institution. He won National Award for Science and Technology Progress 2nd prize twice and 3rd prize once. In 2001, his article won Highly Commended Award by the LiteratiClub of MCB University Press.