Uncertainty analysis and multi-objective optimization in metal additive manufacturing


Speaker:Wentao Yan

Organizer:Xiaoming Zhang

Time:15:45-16:30, March 30, 2022.

Tencent: 308 251 355



Metal additive manufacturing has broad application prospects, but due to many factors, its forming quality is unstable and it has not been widely adopted by industry. We built a series of multiphysics models to reproduce key physical phenomena in our experiments. This requires the combination of data analysis and statistical means to quantify the influence of various factors, and carrying out multi-objective, multi-parameter optimization.


Speaker Profile:

Wentao Yan is an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering Department of National University of Singapore. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Tsinghua University in 2012 and his Ph.D degree from a joint program of Northwestern University and Tsinghua University in 2017. He was a postdoc in Northwestern University, meanwhile, he worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at NIST. In 2018, he joined National University of Singapre and lead his own research team.

Professor Yan has published more than 70 articles on Acta Materialia、Nature Communications、I J Machine Tools & Manufacture、npj Computational Materials. He is a vice editor in chief, editor, guest editor, and reviewer for over 50 journals.