Formation of Black holes in Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Collapse

Speaker: Pengyu Le

Date:Every Wednesday & Friday 2021-09-13~12-03, 19:20-20:55

Venue:BIMSA Rm 1110 

Zoom ID: 388 528 9728,Password:BIMSA


Black holes are predicted by general relativity. It is a mathematical challenge to describe the formation of black holes in gravitational collapse in general relativity. In this course, we will discuss the classical result of Oppenheimer and Snyder on the formation of black holes in spherically symmetric gravitational collapse, and the black hole formation theorem of spherically symmetric self-gravitating massless scalar field by Christodoulou.


Riemannian Geometry, Partial Differential Equation



1. Richard C. Tolman: Effect of Inhomogeneity on Cosmological Models

2. J. R. Oppenheimer; H. Snyder: On Continued Gravitational Contraction

3. D. Christodoulou: Violation of Cosmic Censorship in the Gravitational Collapse of a Dust Cloud

4. D. Christodoulou: The Formation of Black Holes and Singularities in Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Collapse


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