Spectral Immunity of Quadratic Residue Sequences

Speaker:Timothy Foo
Date:Tues. 2021-01-19 11:00
Tencent meetingID:876 061 500

The spectral immunity of a binary sequence is a measure of the resistance of the sequence to fast discrete Fourier spectra attacks. When the sequence is defined using number theoretic methods, finding the spectral immunity of the sequence is related to interesting problems in number theory. The talk will be about these connections and will mention some work on the spectral immunity of the quadratic residue sequence.

About the speaker:

Dr. Timothy Foo received the PhD from Nanyang Technological University in 2011 on the topic of prime values of cubic polynomials. He has worked at Temasek Laboratories at the National University of Singapore and the University of Waterloo and has taught undegraduate cryptography at the University of Toronto Mississauga. He is interested in number theory and cryptography.