Conformal Geometry from circle packings

Speaker:Wai Yeung Lam

Date:Tues. & Thurs. 2021-02-22~05-16,13:30-15:05

Venue:BIMSA 1120 Room & Zoom ID:388 528 9728 Password:BIMSA


In the classical theory, holomorphic functions are conformal, mapping infinitesimal circles to themselves. Instead of infinitesimal size, a circle packing is a configuration of finite-size circles where certain pairs are mutually tangent. William Thurston proposed regarding a map induced from two circle packings with the same tangency pattern as a discrete holomorphic function, which leads to a rich theory of discrete conformal geometry. Throughout the course, we will explore its connection to the classical Teichmüller theory and hyperbolic geometry.



Complex analysis


K. Stephenson. Introduction to circle packing. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2005. The theory of discrete analytic functions.