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【Position title】 Research Fellows, Associate Research Fellows

【Affiliated Dept.】 Respective Departments

【Vacancies】 unspecified


Introduction to BIMSA

Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA), located in Huairou district of Beijing, is a mathematics research institution co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Government and Tsinghua University. The director of BIMSA is Prof. Shing-Tung Yau. BIMSA is committed to basic, forward-looking and systematic research in all areas of mathematics, and frontiers of physics, computer science, finance and interdiscipline.

BIMSA currently setting up research groups focusing on (but not restrict to) the following broadly defined research areas: (1) mathematical physics, (2) pure mathematics, (3) artificial intelligence and big data, (4) modeling and computing for scale, (5) statistical method and application, (6) quantum information and quantum computing, (7) digital finance and (8) blockchain.

BIMSA hereby invites applications for Research Fellows/Associate Research Fellows positions to be filled by applicants with outstanding accomplishments or a potential for academic excellence in all areas of mathematics, and frontiers of physics, computer science, finance and interdiscipline.



  • Fulfil teaching, student-training and mentoring duties;
  • Engage in research in frontline and innovative areas, publish high quality papers on academic journals; take initiative to further development of research in relevant fields and to nurture future talents as an internationally-recognized academic leader.
  • Engage in national research projects, finish research of assigned topics on time;
  • Stimulate academic exchanges with domestic and foreign organizations;
  • Fulfil public service duties assigned by the Institute.


  • Applicants are required to have a PhD in a discipline that is in line with the direction of BIMSA, have representative academic achievements in their area of expertise, and have been working on the frontline in their respective fields;
  • Applicants are required to have academic literacy skills and be able to conduct research on their own;
  • Applicants are also required to teach courses in related areas by leveraging their advanced teaching philosophy and mentor students.


  • A competitive annual salary will be offered in the range of RMB 500,000~3,500,000 (commensurate with applicants' overall quality). Greater salary and benefits will be offered to applicants who have already obtained a teaching position at a world-class university.
  • An Employment Contract will be concluded according to relevant rules stipulated in the Employment Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and successful applicants will be enrolled into China's Social Insurance scheme.
  • Shuttle bus service is available, transporting faculty between the Institute and the Tsinghua University, and between the Institute and Dingxiu Meiquan Town in Huairou District;
  • Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with outstanding colleagues from around the world.
  • There is sufficient research funding support including a generous travel grant for collaboration with top research centers around the world. 
  • There are also opportunities to work with other departments at Tsinghua, CAS and industries. 

Application Materials Required:

1. Cover letter

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Research statement

4. Teaching statement

5. Publication list

6. Three Representative Publications

7. Three reference letters

Applicants should apply online via Mathjobs at https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/2625


Further Info:



Building No. 11 Yanqi Island, Yaiqi Lake West Road, Huairou District, Beijing