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Awards & Contests

  • The great master of mathematics Shing-Tung Yau has a firm teaching belief of "cultivating and discovering talents should begin with high school students". By introducing the organization and selection methods of international competition to China, he has established S.-T. Yau High School Science Award since 2008.

    This competition is much different from the original science competitions: first, it is available to the global high school students; secondly, it requires the students to submit their research reports instead of writing the standard answers to the examination papers.

    There was only mathematical award 14 years ago. As time goes by, physical award, chemical award, biological award, computer award and Economic and Financial Modeling award of S.-T. Yau High School Science Award have been already established to make up of a complete scientific award system with mathematical award. S.-T. Yau High School Science Award is promoting the development of Chinese youth scientific research and helping the talented and enthusiastic teenagers to explore the mysteries of science.

    There are more than 12000 teams from 2000 schools taking part in the competition. The competition areas include 30 provinces in China, as well as many oversea areas, such as North America and Singapore. After the careful reviews from more than 450 scientists in the world, there are totally 850 students from 461 teams receiving the awards. More than half of the award-winning high school students are recommended to the world famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harvard University, MIT, Yale University, Princeton University and so on. Some of them insist on doing the academic research after entering the ideal university.

    S.-T. Yau High School Science Award official  website: http://www.yau-awards.com

  • S.-T. Yau College Student Mathematics Contest is initiated by Professor Shing-Tung Yau in 2010. The contest is divided into five subjects: Geometry and topology, Algebra and Number Theory, Probability and Statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Math Physics(2022). It focuses on examining college students' basic knowledge and basic skills of mathematics comprehensively, and selecting excellent mathematical talents according to the standards of postgraduate examination in first-class universities abroad. It aims to encourage students to make comprehensive progress in basic knowledge, comprehensive ability and academic accomplishment of mathematics, and to promote the development of mathematics education in Chinese universities.

    Since the contest has been established, more than 12,000 college students from more than 600 universities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have taken part in the contest. More than 600 students were awarded prizes. S.-T. Yau College Student Mathematics Contest has played an important role in cultivating Chinese mathematical talents, and has become an important reference for the discovery and selection of young mathematical talents and the admission of graduate students of mathematics and related majors in the famous universities across the world.

    S.-T. Yau College Student Mathmatics Contest official website: http://yau-contest.com

  • Co-initiated in 2007 by Dr. Henry Cheng, Chairman and Executive Director of New World Development Co. Ltd. and Professor Shing-Tung Yau, New World Mathematics Awards (NWMA) aims to select and encourage outstanding Chinese mathematical students worldwide in their pursuit of mathematical truth, and make contribution to the development of mathematics in China and the rest of the world. NWMA is a triennial event coinciding with the ICCM. The evaluation and selection of NWMA winners takes place on an annual basis, and the Award Ceremony, on a triennial basis. So far, it has been held successfully for five times, and discovered a group of outstanding young talents in Fundamental Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Operational Research and Control, etc. Some winners have now become young leaders in mathematics.

    Since the Award has been established, 1057 students from more than 200 colleges and universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as the rest of the world have participated in the NWMA, and 193 students have won awards. 80% of the winners are pursuing advanced studies or teaching at prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley; some of them have now become the leaders in mathematics. NWMA has become an important reference for admission of talents by prestigious research institutes and universities.


    New World Mathematics Award official website: http://yau-bta.com/

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