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  • BIMSA temporary location is the 11th Building (also known as Fengye Villa), Yanqi Island, Yanqi Lake West Road, Huairou District, Beijing. One side of the building faces the calming waterflow of Yanqi Lake, where BIMSA gets its name from, and the other side enjoys the view of Yanshan mountain. With a floor area of 6,000 square meters, Fengye Villa provides spacious and relaxing work and research environment for everyone.

    The permanent site of BIMSA is Beijing Xingfa Cement Plant. It is located in the northern part of Huairou District, neighboring the Great Wall in the north, while embracing 107 hectares of green landscape from the east. 

    The renovation of the old Xingfa Cement Plant is guided by environmental-friendly principles. Our goal is to retain the original buildings and industrial looks of the factory, while turning it into an incubator of scientific/technological innovations and cutting-edge researches. 

    BIMSA will offer the best environment for its researchers, students, and visitors. After the renovation, it will be equipped with laboratories, data centers, classrooms, offices, lecture halls and abundant teaching and scientific research resouces. 

    About BIMSA


    Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA), located in Huairou district of Beijing, is a mathematics research institution co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Government and Tsinghua University. The director of BIMSA is Prof. Shing-Tung Yau. BIMSA is committed to basic, forward-looking and systematic research in all areas of mathematics, and frontiers of physics, computer science, finance and interdiscipline.

  • BIMSA Shuttle:

    1.    Residential Area in Huairou ⇔ BIMSA

                    l08:00/10:00/14:00   Keret Apartment ➜ Dingxiu ➜ Yanmingyuan ➜ BIMSA

                    l13:30/18:00/22:00   BIMSA ➜ Yanmingyuan ➜ Dingxiu ➜ Keret Apartment

    2.    Tsinghua University⇔ BIMSA 

                    l07:30  Tsinghua Logistics Service Platform (Inquiry) ➜ Wangjing West Subway Station ➜ BIMSA

                    l16:30  BIMSA ➜ Huixin Xijie Beikou Subway Station ➜ Tsinghua Logistics  Service Platform (Inquiry)  

                    lAdditional shuttle buses to Tsinghua University can be arranged upon requests.


    3.    Residential Area in Huairou ⇔ Tsinghua University  

                    l07:30  Keret Apartment ➜ Dingxiu ➜ Yanmingyuan ➜ Tsinghua Logistics Service Platform (Inquiry)

                    l19:30  Tsinghua Logistics Service Platform (Inquiry) ➜ Yanmingyuan ➜ Dingxiu ➜ Keret Apartment

                    lAdditional shuttle buses to Tsinghua University can be arranged upon requests.



    Public Transportaion:

    Beijing City——BIMSA

         lTrain (Recommended): Take the Beijing Suburban Railway Huairou-Miyun Line at Beijingbei Railway station/Qinghe Railway Station/Changpingbei Railway Station. Get off at Yanqihu Railway Station, take a taxi to BIMSA, around 5.9 km away. 

             lSubway: Take subway to Wangjingxi Station. Go to Wangjingxi Bus Hub Hall and take bus 866 to Huairou bus station. Tansfer to H58 to  Zhongfule station. Transfer to H49 and get off at Yanqi Island station. Walk 1.3 km to BIMSA.   

             lBus: At Dongzhimen Bus Hub Hall, take bus 916 (NOT 916 express) to Yujiayuan Yiqu station. Transfer to H49/H39/H25 and get off at Yanqi Island station. Walk 1.3 km to BIMSA. 

           lTaxi & Drive: Get off Jingcheng Expressway at Exit 14-Huairou. Go straight ahead, and get on Jingmi Expressway. Get off Jingmi Expressway at the exit of International Convention and Exhibition Center. Go north along Yanqi Lake West Road for 1 km. Enter the Yanqi Island gate on the east side of the road.



            1. Beijing Capital International Airport     

                    lAround 62 km, 1 hour driving

                lBus: Take Capital Airport Express to Dongzhimen subway station. Take bus 916 (NOT 916 express) at Dongzhimen Bus Hub Hall to Yujiayuan Yiqu station. Transfer to H49/H39/H25 and get off at Yanqi Island station. Walk 1.3 km to BIMSA.

           2. Beijing Daxing International Airport

                    lAround 122 km, 2-hours driving

               lBus: Take Daxing  Airport Bus-Beijing Railway Station Line to Chongwenmen. Take subway line 2 to Dongzhimen subway tation. At Dongzhimen bus Hub Hall, take bus 916 (NOT 916 express) to Yujiayuan Yiqu Station. Transfer to H49/H39/H25 and get off at Yanqi Island Station. Walk 1.3 km to BIMSA.


    Beijing China High-Speed Railway Stations——BIMSA

    From any High-Speed Railway Station, take Beijing Subway to Wangjingxi station. Take bus 866 at Wangjingxi Bus Hub Mall to Huairou Bus Station. Tansfer to H58 to Zhongfule station. Transfer to H49 and get off at Yanqi Island station. Walk 1.3 km to BIMSA.




    Short-term and long-term Accommodation


             lYanqi Hotel, managed by Kempinski:

                Address: Building 14, Courtyard 2, West Yanqihu Road, Huairou District, Beijing. (around 900m to BIMSA)

                Website: 5 Star Luxury Hotel In Yanqi Lake, Beijing | Kempinski Hotel Yanqi Lake Beijing
                Tel: 86 (0)10-69618888

             lSwan Lakeview Hotel: No. 1 Yanxiu Road, Huairou District, Beijing. (around 8.6 km to BIMSA)

                Tel: 86(0)10-69663366

           lShan Shui Hotel (Beijing Huairou Yanqi): Building J, No.53, Qimeiyuan Community, Yanqi Street, Huairou District, Beijing. (around 7.6 km to BIMSA)

                Web: http://www.shanshuihotel.com/Content/jdyd/index.html
                Tel: 86(0)10-53208666

             lShangkeyou Chain Hotel (Beijing Huairou Yanqi): No. 8-2 Fanqi Road, Huairou District, Beijing. (around 5.5 km to BIMSA)
                Web: https://www.thankyou99.com/ (Make reservation via Ctrip is recommended)
                Tel: 86(0)10-61641919



    Apartments (Shuttle bus to BIMSA available):

               lDingxiu: Dingxiu Meiquan Town, Yanqi Town, Huairou District, Beijing. (around 7.7 km to BIMSA, 15 mins driving)

            lYanmingyuan: Yanmingyuan, Yanqi Street, Huairou District, Beijing. (around 7.1 km to BIMSA, 13 mins driving)

  • Hospital


    Shoping & Entertainment

    There are 2 tertiary medical institutions, 4 secondary medical institutions and 22 primary medical institutions in Huairou District. The 2 tertiary hospitals, Beijing Huairou Hospital and Beijing Huairou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are easily accessible from BIMSA. Currently, Beijing Huairou Hospital is building an international medical department which provides high-level medical services such as physical examination, disease diagnosis and treatment, preventive health care, and rehabilitation treatment. 


         lBeijing Huairou Hospital 

            Address: No. 9 Yongtai North Street, Huairou, Beijing (around 12 km to BIMSA)
            Tel: 86(0)10-60686699

        lBeijing Huairou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

            Address: No. 1 Qingchun Road, Huairou, Beijing (around 12.5 km to BIMSA)

            Tel: 86(0)10-69624125


    Kindergarten: Kindergarten of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Huairou 21th Century Experimental Kindergarten

    Primary School: Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School Huairou Branch, Zhongguancun Primary School Huairou Branch

    Middle School and High School:Beijing No. 101 Middle School Huairou Branch, Capital Normal University Affiliated Hongluosi Middle School




    Bilingual Education

    The BIBS Beijing Huairou Campus (Website: http://en.bibs.com.cn/) is an international bilingual boarding school that combines the Chinese domestic curriculum with the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, covering kindergarten to grade 12.

       lBK Huairou Yianyuan

           Address: S3, Yi 'an Yuan Community, Miaocheng Town, Huairou District (around 14.7 km to BIMSA) 

           Website: http://bik.bibs.com.cn/case_view.aspx?nid=4&typeid=29&id=764

           Tel: 86(0)10-69678656

        lBIBS Huairou

           Address: 13 Yanqi North Second Street, Huairou District (around 8.9 km to BIMSA) 

           Website: http://www.bibs.com.cn/CaseSt_zjal.html

           Tel: +86-17601659138

    Grocery Shopping

         lDaxingfa Supermarket (Dingxiu): Outside the Gate of Dingxiu A district




    Shopping & Entertainment

    Wanda Plaza and Wu Mart Jingbei Shopping Mall are in the center of Huairou District. It’s a large one-stop shopping center that offers a wide range of shopping, dining, entertainment, cinema and gym options.

         lWanda Plaza (Beijing Huairou)

              Address: No. 1 Fuqian west street, Huairou (around 12.2 km to BIMSA)

              Website: http://www.wanda-group.com/

            Tel: 86(0)10-61615115


         lWu Mart Jingbei Shopping Mall

            Address: No. 14 Fuqian Street, Huairou (around 12.5 km to BIMSA)

           Web: http://www.wmdashijie.com/

           Tel: 86(0)10-69647634


  • Yanqi Lake:

    lAddress: No. 3 Yanshui Road, Huairou, Beijing (around 7.7 km to BIMSA)
    lWebsite: www.yanqihu.com
    lIntroduction: Yanqi Lake is a famous tourist scenic spot and water park in the suburbs of Beijing. It’s located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, north of Huairou District, Beijing. Every spring and autumn, flocks of wild geese fly to the lake and inhabit here, hence the name. With flat terrain and wide open water surface, Yanqi Lake carries various water and land entertainment activities and is very family-friendly. 

    Mutianyu Great Wall

    lAddress: Mutianyu Village, Bohai Town, Huairou, Beijing (around 21.5 km to BIMSA)
    lWebsite: http://www.mutianyugreatwall.com/homePage/toIndexEn
    lIntroduction: Mutianyu Great Wall was originally built in the mid-6th century. In Ming Dynasty, under the command of Marshal Xu Da, the Mutianyu Great Wall was rebuilt over the ruins. Just as other parts, the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall used to serve as the northern barrier defending the Imperial City of Beijing and the imperial tombs. In 1983, the restoration of Mutianyu Great Wall was started with the approval of the State Council.
    Mutianyu Great Wall connects Juyongguan on the west and Gubeikou on the east and is famous for its steepness and great marvel. It also has the largest construction scale and was preserved the best among all sections of Great Wall. 
    Mutianyu was chosen to be one of Beijing's 16 scenic spots in 1986, named Mutiangudie, meaning the ancient walls of Mutianyu Great Wall. In 1992, Mutianyu was rated as the best tourist spot in Beijing.


    lAddress: No. 2 Hongluo East Road, Huairou, Beijing (around 7.3 km to BIMSA)
    lWebsite: http://hongluosi.com/en/
    lIntroduction: Hongluosi is a good choice for one-day tour, especially if one enjoys hiking. It’s consist of 3 cultural areas, the Hongluosi (Hongluo Temple), the Guan Yin Temple and the huge stone Buddha, and 2 natural attractions, the Hongluo Mountain and the Qinglong Mountain.